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Pastificio Felicetti desire to make something of the highest quality while being willing to constantly learn, to trust in a vision, to be open to new challenges without ever losing sight of what is in our heart are the most important tools to create quality, without ever being content with what has already been achieved. These are the values that shape our future, day by day

Pastificio Felicetti Company Information:
16520 Bake Parkway Suite 125 Irvine
California 92618 USA
Ph 94 9336 7510

Pastificio Felicetti History:
" The values of family traditions since 1908 For more than a century the history of pasta making and the history of our family have been inseparably intertwined. It took fourth generations and finally our grandfather Valentino’s vision, which saw his small workshop grow into a successful company that is well-known for its quality products the world over, has come true. "